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Attorney’s Fees


In Germany, attorney’s fees are generally determined by applicable laws that relate to the attorney’s respective activity and include fixed fee floors and fee ceilings for the respective activity.

Fee amounts are thereby determined by the value of the subject matter in disputed, which in turn is determined according to the material value of the disputed claim.


Fee agreements that depart from the statutory regimen are allowed and necessary in such cases where it is foreseeable even before the attorney is engaged that the amount of statutory fees would be insufficient to compensate the scope of work associated with the matter.

Such agreements are only valid when concluded between the attorney and the client in the form of a written fee agreement.

Should the attorney be able to foresee the required time and work necessary to complete the project beforehand, the attorney may offer a flat rate. That way the client can know the costs at the outset. Note, however, that in litigation matters the rate may not be less than the lowest statutory rate for the same matter.

Hourly legal fees are therefore usually agreed to in the event of an ongoing legal matter.


If the client has concluded a legal insurance policy, the insurance will pay the attorney’s fees and court fees if the matter is covered by the client’s policy.

Clients should therefore ascertain whether, and if so to which extent, their insurance policies will cover legal fees before engaging an attorney.


In certain circumstances, the government may pay for the cost of legal representation. In family law matters in Germany, persons who can show that they do not have sufficient legal means to pursue their case, and where there is a probability that they would be successful in enforcing their claims, may seek fee assistance from the state.

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