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Notary Fees & Costs


Engaging a notary is usually much less expensive than people imagine. That is because besides notarization fees notaries do not charge for any advice or drafting they provide no matter how complex or extensive the deed.

Notary fees are determined according to a legally fixed system that determines fees exclusively on the basis of the commercial value of the underlying subject matter. This system has a number of advantages for the parties.

As the fees reflect the commercial value of the subject matter, fees cannot be excessive even in regard to matters with small commercial value.

As fees do not depend on the scope or complexity of the matter, the notary can usually tell you the exact fees of a planned notarization even before engaging. Fees are therefore transparent and predictable.

Advice and drafting are included in the notarization fees regardless how complex the matter or how much advice is required. The same services cost the same amount at every notary. A notary may not charge higher or lower fees than those determined by law, and the accuracy of notary fees is regularly audited by the state.

Notary Reinders will gladly inform you regarding fees, so please don’t hesitate to ask before notarization.

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