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Notary Services: Notary Certification

In addition to notarization of deeds, Notary Delia Reinders also performs notary certification. In Germany, official notary form is required in particular in regard to official entries and registrations in certain public registers (such as commercial registers and land registers).


Notary certification of a signature officially states that the given person has duly signed the respective document in the presence of the notary. Therefore, the given signature must be personally witnessed or recognized by the notary upon presentation of a valid photo ID (valid passport or identity card).

The recipient of a notary certified document is therefore able to rely on the fact that the signature actually belongs to the signee who is stated as the issuer.

Unlike notarization, in the case of notary certification of signatures the signee is not informed about the legal meaning or significance of the document.


Notary certification of document copies and photocopies confirms that a given document is consistent with the original presented to the notary.


For their services, notaries charge fees subject to legally defined fee system (GNotKG) that are exclusively determined by the commercial value of the subject legal matter. The same case will cost the same amount regardless of the notary.

The fees for notary certification of a signature are based on the value of the legal transaction for which you require the document. Furthermore, they depend on whether the notary produced a prior draft. Should you bring your own declaration, the costs may vary between EUR 20.00 and EUR 70.00 plus any expenses and value added tax.

Fees for notary certification of documents amount to EUR 1.00 per page given a minimum of EUR 10.00 plus any expenses and value added tax.
The notary will gladly provide information regarding the anticipated costs of the proposed agreement.

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