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Notary Services Overview – Notary Reinders, Wiesbaden

Notary Delia Reinders specializes in real estate law, inheritance law, family law and company law matters.

Individual Services:

  • Real Estate Sale & Purchase Agreements
  • Securing Leaseholds
  • Encumbrances such as Land Charges, Easements and Residency/Usage Rights
  • Acquiring Real Estate Property in Situations Requiring Extensive Advice such as Insolvency, Foreclosure and Foreign Ownership
  • Marital Agreements, Prenuptial Agreements and Civil Life Partnership Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements for Non-Marital Partnerships
  • Separation and Divorce Settlement Agreements
  • Adoption and Custody Rights Declarations
  • Formation of Companies
  • Sale or Transfer of Corporate Shares
  • Corporate Re-Structuring including Capital Measures and Amendments of Company By-Laws or Articles of Incorporation
  • Registration in the Commercial Register of the Respective Court of Jurisdiction
  • Corporate Transformation and Succession
  • Shareholder Agreements, Trusteeship Agreements and Securitization of Shares
  • Wills, Estates and Inheritance Agreements
  • Bequests Made to Children in the Scope of Anticipatory Succession / Gift and Bequest Arrangements
  • Inheritance Disputes and Transfers of Inheritance Shares
  • Waivers of Compulsory Portions
  • Inheritance Certificate Applications
  • Waivers of Inheritance
  • General Powers of Attorney
  • Guardianship
  • Health Care Directives
  • Living Wills
  • Notary Certification of Signatures and Copies
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